ZERO Impact homes you can move with a pick-up truck

Find a place to live in North Dakota

Do you work here?

There are not too many options to choose from and what is available costs and arm and a leg.  You probably have a truck – or access to one.  You are probably sick of shacking up with random people or the same guys you spend all day around and are ready for for privacy and peace and quiet.

Well – here is the solution to your housing problem.

Its a Mini Mobile Home that you can tow with a tuck and park on any flat piece of ground.  it’s surprisingly roomy inside and has everything you need to rest and relax on your time off and over those long weekends (like those ever come around).  Its relatively easy to find a place to park these homes because they don’t need any hook ups and they don’t leave any trace on the land.  Mostly because you can move it with a pick up truck and there are no permits or special set up requirements.  Just park it, set the front and rear jacks, unhitch the truck and you are done.  Leave it in one place for a few nights or a few months.  Move it when you get sent to another work site, drop it a few miles from work and cut your drive time down to nothing.

What is a Frackhouse?


A Frackhouse is a new housing solution for Oil Field workers living in remote areas. The petroleum business in the USA  is booming with horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Western North Dakota and Eastern Montana are seeing a flood of … [Continue reading]